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Multiple Vehicle Accidents
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 
Station 62 handled two separate vehicle accidents today. At 0933 hrs. Engine 62-1,Medic 6-1, and Medic 04-30 where dispatched to 411 Mt. Sidney Road for a vehicle accident/class 1. Deputy 62 went enroute and was advised by county that they received another call stating that it may be involving fire and they upgraded to involving fire which added Engine 62-2,Tanker 62,Squad 62-1, and Rescue 48. Engine 62-1 arrived on the scene and found a two vehicle crash with heavy damage to the vehicles but no fire so the incident was held to Station 62 apparatus and EMS, the engine controlled the hazards and provided patient care until EMS arrived and was clear of the scene within 60 minutes. The second crash came in at 1733 hrs. as a class 2 vehicle accident at Horseshoe Road/Willow Road dispatching Engine 62-1,Medic 6-1,and Ambulance 38-1. Deputy 62 went enroute and was advised by county of a two vehicle accident at the intersection with two patients, shortly thereafter county advised they are getting reports that the one patient is confined and upgraded to with entrapment bringing the remainder of station 62 and Truck 204(Eden) for the rescue. Deputy 62 arrived and confirmed one confined in the driver seat, Engine 62-1 arrived and began stabilization and extrication and Engine 62-2 arrived and pulled a hose line off as a precautionary while the rescue was under operation. Units where clear of the scene by 1830 hrs.

Head On Collision on 340
Thursday, March 13, 2014 
This evening Company 63 (Lafayette) was sent to the cross streets of Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340) and Chateau Hill for a Vehicle Accident with Entrapment. Units arrived on scene and found a head on collision between 2 vehicles. Rescue 48 (Ronks) and Engine 62-1 were dispatched to assist in the extrication of the occupants of the vehicles. Squad 62 was also dispatched to assist with traffic control. The following morning, through the local media, it became known that one of the patients succumbed to their injuries sustained in the wreck. Our thoughts and prayers are with patients family.

Saturday, January 18, 2014 
The dates for the 2014 Witmer Fire Protective Association Ox Roasts are February 8, 2014, April 26, 2014 and October 18, 2014.

Please see the Ox Roast page for more details.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts by attending one or more of our 2014 Ox Roast Dinners!

First Call Of 2014
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 
This morning at 04:14 hours Station 62 was alerted along with Rescue 48(Ronks) and Medic 6-1(LEMSA) to a motor vehicle crash with possible entrapment on Rt.340 in the area of Witmer Road.Assistant 62(Kauffman) arrived to find one vehicle on it's roof in the parking lot of the M&T Bank at Rt.340 and Mt.Sidney Road with the occupants self extricated.The box was held to units from 62 and EMS who transported one patient.

Tanker Assist To Station 47
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 
This afternoon at 13:47 hours Tanker 62 was dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm assignment to assist Station 47(Paradise) at a working building fire on Esbenshade Road.Tanker 62 dumped their 3,000 gallons of water on arrival and then stood by on the scene until released.

Wood Shop Fire in Intercourse
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 
Just before 9:15 this morning, Station 44 (Intercourse) along with mutual aide units including Tanker 62 were dispatched for a reported Wood Shop Fire just South of the town of Intercourse on Route 772. Almost immediately a Second Alarm was struck, also dispatching Engine 62-2 to the scene along with more mutual aide companies. Units and personel responding quickly found a visible column of smoke for miles around. Tanker 62 and Engine 62-2 arrived on scene and assisted with Water Supply Operations. The building was declared a total loss and was started by accidental sparking during maintence on equipment. Stay tuned for pictures at a later date. WGAL Story: http://www.wgal.com/news/susquehanna-valley/lancaster/crews-battle-leacock-township-fire/-/9704306/23260360/-/12ngabe/-/index.html Lancaster Newspapers/LancasterOnline Story: http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/926843_J-J-Woodworks-torn-down-after-building-is-destroyed-by-fire.html

MVC Assist To Station 61
Saturday, October 26, 2013 
This afternoon at 13:29 hours Engine 62-1 was alerted along with Station 61(Upper Leacock),EMS Units from 3-8(Leola) and Medic 3 to a Motor Vehicle Crash with Entrapment involving two vehicles at the intersection of Newport Road and Stumptown Road.Engine 62-1's crew stabilized both vehicles and then assisted 61 in extricating two patients.

Vehicle Into a Building Along Horseshoe Road
Monday, August 19, 2013 
Shortly after 12pm this morning, units were dispatched to the area of the 2200 block of Horseshoe Road for a Vehicle Accident Standby - Vehicle into a Building. Assistant 62 went en-route and shortly afterward was given an update of a Vehicle into a Porch. Engine 62-1 and Squad 62 also made the response. A vehicle was found to have left the roadway after loosing control while turning the corner at the intersection of Horseshoe and Mount Sidney, and ending up onto the small side porch of a house, which knocked out the porch supports and collapsed it. Units remained on scene until a tow truck arrived to assist in moving the porch roof off of the vehicle and towing the vehicle from the scene. Thankfully, neither the driver, passengers, or occupants of the house were injured.

Witmer Mourns Loss of Long-Time Member
Monday, July 29, 2013 
The Officers and Members of the Witmer Fire Protective Association regret to announce the passing of Assistant Chief Engineer James R. Burkholder on Monday, July 29, 2013.   James was affectionately known as “Burky” around the fire station. Burky joined the WFPA in November 1983 and served the Witmer community as a volunteer firefighter for over 29 years. Burky was a dedicated firefighter and apparatus driver and his passion was centered on Witmer’s fire apparatus. Burky served as Chief Engineer from 1986 through 1993 and he was Assistant Chief Engineer from 1994 up until his passing. Burky was also responsible for ensuring that all of Witmer’s gas powered equipment (saws, generators, hydraulic rescue tools) were in good working order at all times. He was a member of the Apparatus Committees that planned and acquired our last three major pieces of apparatus: the 1994 Peterbilt/New Lexington Tanker, the 1998 HME/New Lexington Engine and the 2009 Pierce Arrow XT Engine/Tanker. Burky’s favorite piece of apparatus, however, was Witmer’s 1967 Mack Pumper, which is still today owned by the company as an antique.

Burky was active in the Lancaster County Firemen’s Association, Inc. He served as the Delegate to the Association from Witmer Fire from 2002 through his passing and also as an Alternate Delegate for five years prior. In support of his dedication to fire safety, for several years Burky donated his time and efforts to transport the Lancaster County Firemen’s Association‘s Fire Safety Smoke Trailer to various fire stations and schools all over Lancaster County so that adults and children could be trained in home fire safety.
A Memorial Service will be held at the Witmer Fire Station on Thursday, August 8, 2013. Burky’s remains will be transported in Witmer Fire’s 1967 Mack Pumper to the fire station at approximately 6:00 pm. A procession of Witmer’s Fire Apparatus will accompany Burky from his home in Bareville to the Witmer Fire Station via South Groffdale Road, East Main Street (Route 23), Glenola Drive, Horseshoe Road and Mount Sidney Road. Visitation with family and friends will occur from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. At 8:00 pm there will be a Memorial Service held in Burky’s honor. All of Burky’s family and friends, as well as the community, are invited to attend this event to honor Burky’s life and dedication to the community.

Burky operating his favorite piece, the 1967 Mack
   Burky operating his favorite piece, the
      1967 Mack
Recent Trainings
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 
This past Monday evening, members reviewed and practiced their Vehicle Rescue Technician skills at the rear of the station on cars that were graciously provided by Steffy's Towing and Garage of Leola. The Holmotro Rescue tools were put into service during the evolutions and gave the members some good hands on training once again. Thanks to Steffy's for assisting us in our training needs!

On Tuesday, Engine 62-2 and Tanker 62 traveled to our neighbors to assist with a Rural Water Supply Drill. Upper Leacock and Bareville Fire Companies had organized a tanker shuttle in and among the Dart Container complex utilizing their water system. Many local Zone 3 and 4 companies were present and a flow of over 2000 GPM was achieved with a 1 mile loop. During this training, certain members also logged several miles and Water Supply time for our ongoing Driver Training process.

Earlier in the month, during the first Monday, members participated in the first of many In-Station Training "Quiz Nights". The First-Monday Quiz Nights are new to the training slate here at Witmer, and are an open time to review material, tools, or concepts that any member feels they need to train on, in a group environment, for the entire company benefit. The first of many went spectacular and the decision was made to continue them on a monthly basis.

Later in the month, the Company will participate in the Township-Wide training. Several members have also completed classes independently in areas that benefit their service as a member of the fire company. As you can see, the members of Witmer are always busy training to provide the Community in Which We Serve the best possible emergency service. Thanks for your continued support!

Tanker 62 dumping a 3000 gallon load of water at the Dump Site.
   Tanker 62 dumping a 3000 gallon load of
      water at the Dump Site.
Engine 62-2 in line to dump it's 2500 gallon load of water.
   Engine 62-2 in line to dump it's 2500
      gallon load of water.
MVC On Creek Hill Road
Thursday, June 27, 2013 
This morning at 07:10 hours Station 62 was alerted along with Medic 6-12-8 and Medic 3 to a motor vehicle crash in the 2200 block of Creek Hill Road.Engine 62-1 with OIC Captain Troyer arrived to find a two vehicle crash with fluids on the roadway.There were no injuries so EMS handled sign offs and went available.Engine 62-1 along with Fire Police remained on the scene for approximately one hour until the vehicles were removed.

Rush Hour Crash in Smoketown
Friday, May 31, 2013 
Shortly before 5pm today, Engine 62-1 was dispatched to a Vehicle Accident on Route 340 in the area of Airport Road. Units arrived to find a 4 vehicle pile-up crash with some injuries. Squad 62-1 also made the response and shut down the roadway at Route 340 at Mount Sidney Road, while Fire Police detoured east bound traffic to Route 30 via Witmer Road. Squad 41-2 and 41 Fire Police also assisted in detouring west bound 340 traffic to Route 30 via 896. Thanks to those who assisted.

While operating detours and traffic control, several Fire Police and Firefighters experienced dangerous traffic related conditions/incidents which could have proven fatal had they not been aware of their surroundings. Please remember several things around the scene's of Emergency Scenes, Accidents, and Detours:

Fire Police are usually stationed at multiple locations and/or intersections during a detour other then the Emergency Scene or Crash Site. Always be on the lookout for Traffic Directors at nearby intersections, including those utilizing traffic lights. Do not always assume "Green means Go" at any intersection in the area of an accident.

While Fire Police try, it is not always easy or possible to accommodate a perfect Detour around an Emergency Scene that can positively answer or regard everyone's final or preferred destination or route of travel. Please be patient and understand that a few inconvenient moments traveling a set-up detour quite possibly may have eliminated more time, or even more danger, for those detouring around a scene.

Please, above all, remember that a vehicle can be a dangerous machine if the driver's full undivided attention is not given in it's operation. Please refrain from phone calls, texting, and other distractions (Such as "Rubbernecking") at ALL times while on the roadway, but ESPECIALLY while in the area of an Emergency Scene with Firefighters and Fire Police. Please Remember that all operators are someone's Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather or Grandmother, and we ask that you please assist with ensuring their safety.

As always, please take note of the Speed Limits, HOWEVER, please also remember, just as "Green means Go" does not always apply in the area of an Emergency Scene, Posted Speed Limits can be a danger to those operating in the area. Please slow down considerably and drive with caution in the area of all Emergency Scene's and Accident's to ensure the safety of both You and Us!


Witmer Takes in Visitors from "The West End"
Engine 62-1 and Engine 66-2 Parked together on the front apparatus ramp. Thanks to Brett Fassnacht for the pic.
   Engine 62-1 and Engine 66-2 Parked
      together on the front apparatus ramp.
      Thanks to Brett Fassnacht for the pic.
Sunday, May 26, 2013 
Today, while on Standby nearby at Station 61 (Upper Leacock) while their members were attending a training event, some fellow firefighting friends from Station 66 (Lancaster Township) stopped by for a visit. A few members of Station 66 started their volunteer firefighting career or grew up on "The East End" of Lancaster City, in the vicinity of Witmer and our neighboring Fire Companies. Due to the fact that the metropolitan City of Lancaster, who is protected by a paid department, separates the area's nicknamed the "East End" and "West End" of town because of their respective locations, members of these 2 areas seldom run mutual aid calls or assists together and rarely get a chance to interact with one another inside the fire service. Today was different, and we are glad we got a chance to catch up with some good friends who we do not get to see every day anymore. If anyone else is ever in the area from another part of the town or county, please do not hesitate to stop by if someone is around. This type of Camaraderie is just one great benefit's the members of Witmer, and many other Fire Departments, enjoy and share as being a part of the Fire Service and Brother/Sisterhood.

Class A Burn Day at West Chester with Lafayette
Saturday, May 18, 2013 
Early in the morning, crews gathered at the station to prepare for and then attend a Class A Burn Day at the West Chester FC Training Grounds with neighboring department, Lafayette (63). Crews spent the morning checking equipment, going over preplans, and gathering needed items before heading out on Engine 62-2 and Squad 62, who rendezvoused with Lafayette before making the trip to West Chester. Once there, Officers from both companies went over the day’s plan with Firefighters to ensure safety and an overall positive experience and training. The day was a hit with everyone in attendance and provided both new and veteran members with a valuable training and learning experience/opportunity that does not present itself every day. Thanks to all who attended, and to the officers of both companies, as well as the West Chester Fire Training Center, for making the day possible. Below are just a few pictures of the many that were taken.

Spill Control On Mt.Sidney Road
Sunday, April 21, 2013 
This afternoon at 13:54 hours Station 62 was dispatched to Rt.340 and Mt.Sidney Road for spill control.Assistant 62(Kauffman) arrived to find a two vehicle non injury crash at the entrance to the M&T Bank with fluids on the roadway.Engine 62-1's crew provided spill control and remained on the scene until both vehicles were removed.

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