This afternoon at 1633 Hrs E62-1, E62-2, Res61, Tr31, Abulance38-1, and Medic4-30 were dispatched to a farm rescue in the 62 first due. Upon responding units were advised that the caller is reporting a child stuck in the PTO shaft of a farm tractor, Chief 62 arrived first and established command 62 confirming the report and after a brief talk with Medic 4-30 decided to request a medical helicopter be started due to the severity of injuries and possible extended extrication. Ambulance 38-1, Medic 4-30, and E62-1 arrived simultaneously and instantly worked on stabilizing the patient as they decide on an extrication plan. At this point E41-1 was dispatched to establish a Landing Zone for the helicopter and the decision was made to request Rescue 48 as a backup plan due to their extensive rescue equipment and knowledge of farm rescue incidents. At this time Recue 61, Truck 31, and Engine 62-2 had arrived and their crews assisted the rescue efforts working as they cut the one end of the shaft and unassembled the other end. In the end Rescue 48 was not needed as the extrication was completed as they arrived and the child was then airlifted to Hershey Medical Center.  Together  the rescue teams completed a complex rescue scenario involving a child with teamwork and skill. A huge thanks to everyone who assisted and especially the EMS crews who showed their professionalism as the assisted with the rescue.

Units on scene; E62-1,E62-2,RES61,TR31,E41-1,RES48, SQ62-1,SQ31-1,Ambulance38-1,Medic4-30,and the East Lampeter Police Department

Extrication time was 17 minutes from arrival