Farm Rescue In The First Due

This afternoon at 1633 Hrs E62-1, E62-2, Res61, Tr31, Abulance38-1, and Medic4-30 were dispatched to a farm rescue in the 62 first due. Upon responding units were advised that the caller is reporting a child stuck in the PTO shaft of a farm tractor, Chief 62 arrived first and established command 62 confirming the report and after a brief talk with Medic 4-30 decided to request a medical helicopter be started due to the severity of injuries and possible extended extrication. Ambulance 38-1, Medic 4-30, and E62-1 arrived simultaneously and instantly worked on stabilizing the patient as they decide on an extrication plan. At this point E41-1 was dispatched to establish a Landing Zone for the helicopter and the decision was made to request Rescue 48 as a backup plan due to their extensive rescue equipment and knowledge of farm rescue incidents. At this time Recue 61, Truck 31, and Engine 62-2 had arrived and their crews assisted the rescue efforts working as they cut the one end of the shaft and unassembled the other end. In the end Rescue 48 was not needed as the extrication was completed as they arrived and the child was then airlifted to Hershey Medical Center.  Together  the rescue teams completed a complex rescue scenario involving a child with teamwork and skill. A huge thanks to everyone who assisted and especially the EMS crews who showed their professionalism as the assisted with the rescue.

Units on scene; E62-1,E62-2,RES61,TR31,E41-1,RES48, SQ62-1,SQ31-1,Ambulance38-1,Medic4-30,and the East Lampeter Police Department

Extrication time was 17 minutes from arrival


New Squad Update!

The Witmer Fire Protective Association general membership gave the new squad committee the go ahead to order the vehicle that was recommended by the group, this particular vehicle is a 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 with a full crew cab and 8 foot bed and 5.7 Liter V8 Hemi VVT Engine. This decision was made after the members reviewed a 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500, 2016 Ford F-350, and the 2016 Dodge Ram 3500, it was clear to the members after reviewing the vehicles side… by side that the Dodge vehicle appears to be the best suited vehicle for the company due to cab size, maneuverability, bed size and other features. Once the vehicle is ordered you can expect the vehicle to arrive at a minimum of 12 weeks from the order date and then the process of mounting toolboxes, installing lights, vehicle lettering, and mounting tools will begin before the new Squad 62-1 will be placed into service!
Stay tuned for more updates!


2 Alarm Apartment Building Fire Assist to 63

imageMonday evening brought the Witmer Volunteers to Lancaster Township for the apartment building fire assist to Station 63.  E62-2 was dispatched as part of the initial box alarm  with E62-1 being sent later on in the incident. E62-2 arrived and pulled the second line into the structure off E64-3 and advanced it into the third floor of the structure to assist with fire attack, E62-1 arrived later into the incident and assisted with the extensive overhaul of the third floor and roof area, the crews where from 62 where on scene for approximately 3 hours.


Firefighter Austin Kling

Please help us congratulate Firefighter Austin Kling for his passing of the Firefighter 1 test, Firefighter Kling is on his second year as a firefighter and in this past year from January into May has completed approximately 230 hours of training including the Essentials Of Firefighting and passing of the Firefighter 1 test as well as becoming a Basic Vehicle Rescue Tech certified by the PA Department of Health and obtaining the operations level training in Hazardous Materials. Keep in mind we are a 100 percent volunteer Fire Company so this was all done in addition to working a normal work schedule for him, with the majority of the classes being from 1830-2200 on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and from 0800-1600 Saturday’s. Like many others who have completed this course in the past have found, it creates a very stressful and at times overwhelming work (and personal) schedule but in the end it is not just these individuals that reap the benefits of the knowledge they receive but also the Fire Company and whomever and whatever might be put in harms way. So if you know Firefighter Kling or any other firefighter that has recently given their all so they can better prepare to help  strangers in times of need please take the time to congratulate them on their achievements and show appreciation for what they do in any way that you can! Thank you for your dedication Firefighter Kling and we look forward to many good years ahead!


Apartment Building Assist to Upper Leacock

At 20:34 on April 9th E62-2 was dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment to a fire at 9 Hellers Church Rd in Upper Leacock, additional was a dryer fire with smoke throughout the building. E62-2 responded with five firefighters and was the second arriving engine and assisted E61-1 (Upper Leacock) with fire suppression and overhaul, units where clear of the scene within 30 minutes. Shortly after E62-2 returned, Station 62 was dispatched to Witmer Rd for an unknown-injury vehicle accident with reports of one vehicle off the road and into a guard rail, units responded and confirmed the reports and reported no injuries and where clear of the scene shortly thereafter.


Multiple Wrecks Due To Icy Roads

This morning at 0716 hrs E62-1 and SQ62-1 where dispatched to the 700 block of Hartman Station Rd for a vehicle accident/unknown injuries. Deputy 62 went enroute first and was advised of vehicle into a fence and that the caller is unsure on injuries, seconds later Station 62 was dispatched for a vehicle accident/standby at Horseshoe Rd/Jefferson Rd for a vehicle thats rolled over but reported to be no injuries, Assistant 62 along with E62-2, E63-1, and SQ63-1 starting heading that way, Assistant 62 arrived and found a patient on the roadway so advised county to send EMS to the scene Class 1. By this time Deputy 62 had arrived on the other scene and also found a Class 1 patient on this scene and requested EMS to this scene as well. E62-1 cleared their crash within 30 minutes and shortly after returning to quarters was requested by Station 63 to assist with a vehicle  accident in their first due but was recalled before arriving, in the meantime SQ62-1 was sent to 340 and the ramp to 30 West for fire police after a vehicle accident


Congratulations Justin and Rachelle!

The Witmer Fire Company would like to congratulate Lieutenant 62-3 Justin Gossert and his wife Rachelle as they welcome their newborn daughter Kelsey Whinn Gossert into the world who was born on Wednesday February 21st.


Welcome Our New Line Officers!

The Witmer Fire Company is proud to announce that the 2015 Line Officers include two new Lieutenants, taking on an officer spot is a very demanding position that demands many hours spent in training, meetings, emergency calls, and much more as we try to build a team that serves our community as well as our neighboring communities to the highest level possible. Please help us welcome Dereck Duffy into the spot of Lieutenant 62-2, and Justin Gossert into Lieutenant 62-3, if you happen to have the pleasure of meeting these new Lieutenants be sure to congratulate and encourage them on their new journey! We would also like to take the time to congratulate John Kreider Jr. and say thanks for his many years as a line officer as he steps down from a line Officer spot, John was a line officer  for 23 years, ten of those years as a Captain, and 13 years as a Lieutenant which are very impressive numbers!


The 2015 Line Officers of the Witmer Fire protective Association are as follow;

Chief 62 : Matthew Bono

Deputy Chief 62 : Christian Kauffman

Assistant Chief 62 : Greg Sherman

Captain 62-1 : Reuben Lapp

Lieutenant 62-1 : Jacob Lapp

Lieutenant 62-2 : Dereck Duffy

Lieutenant 62-3 : Justin Gossert

Safety Officer 62 : John Latscher


Thank You For Your Support!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our Ox Roast today for their generous support, 1,925 takeout meals where sold, and 739 meals where sold in the family style dining area for a total of 2664 meals sold! We would like to remind everyone that this would not be possible if the community would not come out and help us the way they do, there are dozens of volunteers who selfishly spend the day helping us to prepare and serve this meal and we greatly appreciate it! Thank you for helping us help others!


2015 Ox Roast Dates

The 2015 Ox Roast dates are official and are on the following days, February 14th, April 25th, and October 17th. For more information visit the Ox Roast page on our website.